Changing Tides Inn sits on the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska off the Coast of British Columbia. The Island is served by the InterIsland Ferry via the Alaska Marine Highway and numerous commuter airlines. The Inn is located six miles by road from t he City of Klawock, a small Native fishing village, and three miles from the Klawock Airport. The larger City of Craig is only 13 miles by road. Car rentals are available in both Klawock and Craig.

The Inn overlooks Big Salt Lake, an eight mile long section of ocean where the tides rush in and out through two narrow chutes, called Salt Chucks. Big Salt Lake is dotted by small islands, beautiful shores and grassy flats. Great hunting is literally out your front door. A wide variety of berries are just waiting to be picked in the late summer and fall all over the Island.

Deep sea charters are readily available in the area, as are whale watching and scuba diving charters. We would be happy to connect you with these opportunities.


Activities in and around Big Salt Lake:

  • Fishing- In a boat or right from the beach, you can take advantage of Big Salt Lake's salmon runs in the summer and fall.
  • Berry Picking- There are many berry patches around Big Salt Lake that include blue and red huckleberries, as well as salmon berries.
  • Water Sports- Kayaks, canoes, motorized boats, and jet skis are all permitted for use the lake, as well as good old fashioned swimming. We do not provide equipment, but there are rentals available on the island.
  • Hiking- There is plenty of wilderness to explore around Big Salt Lake, and while there are few "official trails," there is no limit to wandering off the beaten path in the forests and grass flats of the lake.
  • Military Plane Crash Site- Check out this neat site on the grass flats of the lake! This makes for a fun hike or picnic.  
  • Hunting- Both deer and bear hunting are right out your front door, depending on the season.
  • Wildlife Viewing- A wide variety of animals make their home on Big Salt Lake or pass through, including sea otters, harbor seals, fish, killer whales, martens, bald eagles, kingfishers, hummingbirds, Sitka blacktail deer, black bears, and wolves.


There are several distinct towns and many points of interest on Prince of Wales Island that are all within driving distance and make for fantastic outings or day trips. See the section below for some nearby conveniences.


Nearby Services

Restaurants in Klawock (5 miles) and Craig (12 miles)
Harbors in Klawock and Craig with boat launches
Klawock Airport (3 miles)
Klawock Hatchery (7 miles)
Klawock Totem Park and Carving Shed (5 miles)
Grocery Stores in Klawock and Craig
Gas Stations in Klawock and Craig

Car Rentals (Klawock Airport, Hollis, and Craig)