About Us

Owners Rob and Val Steward came to Prince of Wales nearly 30 years ago for what was to be a two-year adventure.  The adventure turned into building our home and sharing it with wonderful guests.  We enjoy getting to know our guests and often have folks who visit us again year after year. 


Your Hosts


Robert and Valerie Steward have owned Changing Tides Inn for over twenty years, and have been residents of Prince of Wales Island for over 30. They have fallen inn love (pun intended) with the unspoiled wildness of Alaska and the beauty of Big Salt Lake, which the Inn overlooks.


Their two daughters, Melissa and Laura, frequently stop in to soak up the unique atmosphere of Changing Tides Inn. Melissa steals the family crab pots to catch her favorite dinner of dungeness crab in the waters of Big Salt Lake, while Laura often brings her own daughter out to forage for blueberries and fish right from the beach.


Rob and Val love to welcome greenhorns (first-timers to Alaska), as well as seasoned hunters, fishermen, and visitors of all kinds. They are knowledgeable about the area and are happy to help you with any information you need to create your dream Alaskan vacation!